On the Hunt for a Dog

Today, Saturday, feeling kind of lost and lonely after completing my 2010 taxes online, I decided to visit the SPCA to see in person the dog that was on KCRA as "Pet of the Week".   It was so cute on TV, a cute little white poodle.  Last week after seeing it on TV, I went online to the SPCA site and got a little more information.  The description said it was a female, 4 years old, about 10 to 15 pounds, with a nice disposition.  I called yesterday to see if it was still there.  It was still there, though the SPCA employee said there had been a lot of interest and invited me to come and see the dog.  I was feeling too much pressure about completing my taxes and just continued working on them until late in the evening.   

Today, I was able to complete the taxes by about 2 p.m. and sent them by e-file.  As soon as I printed out my copy, I found the error in my Social Security number.  It was too late to retrieve it and now I will have to send in an amended form and possibly be audited because of the error or acused of identity theft.  I was so distraught, I had to get out of the house, even though it was raining.   So that is how I ended up at the SPCA. 

Seeing little Sasha was a surprise.  She did not look like the dog on TV.  Actually, she is a Bichon.  She seemed subdued when l looked into her pen.  She looked tired.  I later learned she had recently been spayed, which is probably the reason she didn't jump up against the bars like the dogs did when I walked by them.   She had matted hair in some places and very little hair in other areas where the caretakers had to remove the mats.  Her little skinny legs and tail had very little hair while her head and body had very long curly-kinky-straight hair, quite a combination.  Additionally, she had what appeared like two dirty spots on her white coat.  I am not sure if it is dirt or skin color.  However, she was friendly when they brought her to the little get acquainted room.  I liked her.

Being a senior citizen, I could have her for $50 instead of the $100 they are asking for her. She is housebroken, has an ID chip, spayed, and has all shots--a good deal.

Regrettably, I went home without her, thinking almost of turning around and going back and getting her.  I just wasn't sure that spending so much on frequent grooming  was something I could afford to do.  Now that I am home, I keep thinking maybe I will go back tomorrow and get that cute little dog.